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Why Should I Hire Someone To Help Manage My Social Media Channels?

Why Should I Hire Someone To Help Manage My Social Media Channels?

Another question I get asked a lot, where is the benefit in hiring someone to plan and prepare and post all of my social media content; surely I can do this myself?

First we need to understand the job of a social media specialist, what do they do? As with any job a social media specialist is someone who understand the platforms that are available to use and to maximise the return on them; this means that they are constantly studying and learning and updating their thoughts on the algorithms.

Essentially the job of a social media specialist equates to driving traffic & creating higher levels of engagement for your brand/company.

There is of course a tipping point whereby once you have enough followers and engagement, the profile explodes rapidly, driving more traffic to your website and lead to more sales (which is ultimately the point of social media). The role of a social media manager is to get your brand and company to that tipping point.

social media agency londonThe second role that a social media manager should be performing is finding, planning and creating content in line with your brand image and objectives. People often grossly underestimate the amount of work thats required to create all this and believe that they can do this themselves, however resulting in poor thought process, random posting and low engagement and stagnation. Most major companies now dedicate an entire job role specifically to this effect however a lot of small to medium sized businesses simply cannot afford to pay someone full time to manage their social channels and engage with that audience.

A good social media manager will not only create maximum exposure on the content produced but will also be able to direct the flow of content creation, ensuring you have the best and most engaging content going out across the various platforms.

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How To Maximise Free Engagement
How To Maximise Your Engagement Guide?

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