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When should I be posting on Instagram?

When should I be posting on Instagram
When Is My Best Time To Post On Instagram?

Someone recently reached out to me and asked: when should I be posting on instagram? This seems to be something that a lot of people are struggling with, they know they should be posting at the best time for engagement but simply don’t know when that best time is…

There are a few reasons why this is crucially important to the growth of your instagram account…
1st – You want your content to reach your audience at the right time, so when your audience is online.
2nd – If your audience is online when you post then you stand a better chance of climbing the hashtag rankings.

These two things will drive more engagement, more traffic and increase direct growth of your profile. All of which will make your instagram page successful.

There are lots of people saying that the best times to post are between 8-9pm UK Time according to Hubspot and AdEspresso suggest that weekdays are better for audience engagement rather than weekends.

So how do we go about actually finding out when should I be posting on Instagram?

  • Step 1: Head on over to your main profile and head to the top right hand corner
  • Step 2: Head to insights, this is where the real data is at, the data that should be informing your content!
  • Step 3: Choose Audience and scroll to the bottom and in the followers section you will have a day by day run down of best time.

Below is the step by step process to go from your home page to the insights page to find out When you should be posting on Instagram?

Bonus tip: Remember these best times are suggested time blocks, that could however mean that your content does the best at say 7pm and not 6pm if in the 6-9pm bracket so its worth experimenting with different intervals, either by 10/20/30/60 minute gaps. Remember perfection does not exist but you can get damn close to it with data!

In conclusion: “When should I be posting on Instagram” – The answer is simply when instagram tells you to and this is highly unique to your very own followers.

I would love to know if you found this blog article helpful or if you’ve found that this instagram tip doesn’t work for you

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