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Welcome to my blog posts, this is where I will be covering my insights into digital marketing, from Instagram Marketing to Pinterest Marketing and SEO Marketing for websites.

This is a comprehensive look at all things Digital Marketing and a resource for all those using Social Media as a way to drive traffic to their business. This leads to brand and customer loyalty but also an increase in sales. The bottom line is that Social Media can and should be used in a manner that is financially viable for the business in question!

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When should I be posting on Instagram?

Someone recently reached out to me and asked: when should

Copy of Copy of Copy of 6 Instagram Hacks
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Hashtags: A Complete Instagram Guide

In this article I outline 2 different methods that I

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Instagram Hacks ; 6 Tips To Maximise Your Account

6 Quick Instagram Hacks; as a business or entrepreneur or

Top 10
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Top 10 Instagram Mistakes Businesses Make!

Businesses around the world are desperate to increase their social media following and influence with the simple idea of increasing sales! But many businesses fall short and never gain the traction that they deserve! I’m going to highlight for you below the mistakes businesses make and how to fix them.

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4 Key Reasons Your Brand Needs Video!

Video is crucial for your brand development; It delivers your

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