Meet James – Digital Marketing Expert

My interest in digital media started when I created my own website for my personal training business. I taught myself the art of SEO and how to generate income and leads from Google, and saw how instrumental it was to the success of my business. Fast forward 5 years and social media is now a must-have marketing tool.

I’ve identified that there is often a disconnect between good social media content and the closing sale and I now focus on closing that gap. I’ve worked with a wide range of clients; from interior designers to sports supplements, helping all of them deliver not only great content, but a sales funnel system that works.

Working in digital media is extremely satisfying; to be able to make a difference to a client’s bottom line is a powerful thing. Seeing your work come together to provide clients with an outline of digital business development and to showcase your results at months end allows me to be proud of all the hard work I’m doing behind the scenes.