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Top 10 Instagram Mistakes Businesses Make!

Businesses around the world are desperate to increase their social media following and influence with the simple idea of increasing sales! But many businesses fall short and never gain the traction that they deserve! I’m going to highlight for you below the instagram mistakes businesses make and how to fix them.

10 Instagram Mistakes:

Problem number 1: Still pandering to designing the perfect feed – whilst I agree that the overall aesthetic of the instagram feed is important; making adjustments like extra borders is simply shutting off your content to people that could view it. Why would you purposefully try and hide your content for the sake of an interesting feed when people don’t view your content like that.

Problem number 2: Posting an image and hoping for the best – The idea behind posting an image and hoping it does well simply doesn’t work due to the instagram algorithm; it is super important that you know when the best time to post your content is. To do this you must go to your insights page and under the audience tab. Choose the time that has the highest audience! (remember that this changes on a day to day basis).

Problem number 3: Not using video content – Video content is now king! No longer are beautiful images enough. There are two types of video content – native and professional; Instagram has various ways of providing this video content from stories to lives to IGTV. You must make sure that as a business you’re using all of these to maximise overall engagement, if you’re just posting static images you’re leaving 90% of potential engagement on the table.

Problem number 4: Not having a descriptive interesting bio – A descriptive bio is crucial for letting people understand what you or your business does; it is that first point of reference when people go from a post to your profile. Make it 100% clear and leave no doubts in people’s mind what you’re offering.

Problem number 5: Not understanding the fundamental basis of social media – The clue is in the name; you’re wanting people to engage with your brand but expect them to come straight to you to consume your content and eventually purchase something from you. Newsflash; this isn’t going to happen! You have to build and create those social connections just as you would in the real world. Start engaging!

Problem number 6: Not having a content strategy – Posting randomly twice a week simply won’t cut it, not if you’re trying to grow your business due to the sheer volume of traffic on instagram. As with anything consistency is key! this might well be different for each business but i’d recommend at least 4-5 times per week as an absolute minimum. Now you might say I haven’t got time for that I’m a small business. The simple solution is to outsource! Ask for help when needed and you’ll halve the amount of time it takes to build your brand – Book a call with me here

Problem number 7: Not using the business solutions Instagram provide to you – Hopefully by now you’ve made your instagram account into a business profile, if you haven’t you should do so immediately. Once you’ve got over 100 followers instagram provides you real insight into your audience, from age, location, sex, times when your audience is online, what content has done well in order to replicate similar content. Essentially provide your audience with what they want!

Problem number 8: Going after the biggest hashtags – If you’re a new business and you’re going after the biggest hashtags with the millions of posts; I’ve got news for you: your content that you’ve just spent tons of time perfecting and creating is going to flop! Due to the algorithm and the constant number of posts being uploaded with that specific hashtag your content is simply going to get lost in the millions of other posts.

Problem number 9: Not using Instagram’s features to maximise engagement – Instagram offers you multiple different ways of sharing your content; whether this is through instagram stories or instagram lives, carousel posts or IGTV. Don’t just think it’s quicker and easier to do a picture post; not using the features available will result in significantly less traffic and thereby engagement leading to less sales.

Problem number 10: Not understanding the location based aspect of posts – The location aspect of where you tag a post is as equally important as the hashtags you use. If you’re a small local business, its worth tagging your content in your local area only rather than say the major city or town. This will result in more local eyes on your brand and products.

I hope my insights help you develop your social media strategy; if you want to start maximising your engagement across social media – Download my guide today!

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